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Kitaro DVD Review, vol. 15

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Gegege no Kitaro Magazine DVD Series, volume 15

(Featured supporting yokai - Sunakake Baba (Old Sand-Throwing Hag) and Konaki Jiji (Old Man that Cries Like a Baby).)

Another thin issue, again in part because there are only 4 TV episodes, no special interview, and 2 of the episodes are the first and second halves of one story. At least this time we have the History of Gegege no Kitaro, part 14, and the Mizuki Collection pages. There's only one "Original Art" page, for Suiko (Water Tiger), but three featured monsters - Suiko, Kyuuketsuki Eri-to (Elite the Vampire) and Neko Sennin (Cat Master).

(Mizuki Collection - artwork not directly related to the Gegege stories.)

The posters are "Yomikaeru Mu- Dai Teikoku 'Mitsurin no Daimazou Hakken'" (Mu Empire back from the Darkness - Discovering the Big Magic Statue in the Hidden Forest) and "Youkai Daisenki (3)" (Part 3 of the Yokai Records). Regarding the first poster, in the 60's, there had been a big boom in stories revolving around the lost continent of Mu. Mizuki wasn't one to shy away from participation in such a frenzy, and this poster was part of his contribution to it. The second poster includes descriptions of Kagami Jiji, Witch, Nobiagari and Neko Sennin, plus the methods for defeating them (for Kagami, break his mirror; Witch, tie her up; Nobiagari, turn him back into a normal tree; and Neko Sennin, seal him in a well).

(Where's Yamada?, and examples of Kitaro dolls.)

The other sections include Where's Yamada? (he shows up a couple times in the TV episodes) and pictures of some old Kitaro dolls. The TV episodes are: Suiko (Water Tiger, 04/07/68), Kyuuketsuki Eri-to zenpen and kohen (Elite the Vampire, Parts 1 and 2, 04/14/68 and 04/21/68) and Neko Sennin (Cat Master, 04/28/68). There's no extras on the DVD, and the easter egg is the same "walking geta" as before.

(Original art page for Suiko.)

Not much to add this time. I really do wish there were more interviews, or at least a new easter egg. One comment about Suiko. In the TV episode, he's a magical tiger. In the original manga, he was an ice yokai, while in the original art page he's more of a kappa.

(Feature monster page: Elite the Vampire.)

(Back cover, showing the 2 posters.)

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