Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tenmonkan XMas Event


As I was walking home from work on Saturday, Dec. 21, I noticed that a stage was being set up in Tenmonkan, in the wider intersection in front of the 7-11. According to the sign board, the show wouldn't start until 5:30 PM, and it would only run until 8 PM. I went home and did some work on the computer, then returned to Tenmonkan right around 7 PM. At that point, Southern Cross was just walking off the stage and the last act, Bon DX, wouldn't start for another 15 minutes. To kill the time, the radio jocks MCing the event - the Tenmonkan XMas Live - introduced JKM. Note that the temperature had dropped down to about freezing, so it must not have been all that much fun for the performers who couldn't bundle up.

Line up:
Yuka Kokarina
Ryouhira Morita
Bon DX


When I first saw him at a different event a couple months ago, I joked that his name was Just Kidding, Man. Actually, it's Janken-man, where Janken is the Japanese name for Rock-Paper-Scissors. JKM was giving away cellphone straps, and he held a couple rounds of Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine the winners. Then he handed out a couple more to the children in the audience.

(Bon DX. The shochu table is barely visible in the background.))

After that, Bon DX (Deluxe) took the stage and played 5-6 Japanese SKA songs. Half were too slow for me, but the other half were interesting enough that I recorded them on my digital camera. The most energetic of the group was the one below, which I think is called "Gambare" (Try your best). It was a good set, and some of the best live music I've heard in Japan in a long time.

(Bon DX)

The event was sponsored by a shochu company, which gave away free bottles of Kura no Awa, a sparkling shochu, at the beginning, before I arrived. However, there was a table set up next to the 7-11, and I managed to grab the last paper cup of shochu from the dregs of the last remaining bottle. Essentially, Kura no Awa (awa = bubbles) is carbonated shochu, so it's kind of a high ball. Not bad.

Youtube video

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