Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Play in Kotsuki Park

Time for an illustrated Simple Adventure. The night of Nov. 24th (I know, I should have posted this a month ago), a Sunday, at 9 PM, I had to run up to the department store in Amu Plaza, under the main train station. As I was going by the park pictured here, at the far end along the water fountain on Tram Street, I heard music and laughter coming from the park. On my way back, I came into the park to see what was going on. At the back, where the steps are visible, someone had set up a canvas tent and some bleachers, which held at least 100 people. In front of the tent was a stage, with 4 costumed actors putting on some kind of a play. It was mostly slapstick and I didn't recognize the story. There were two other tents as well, one for the power generators for the lighting, and a dressing room. I went home to eat dinner. The next morning, when I had my camera with me, everything was gone. This is why I try to bring my camera everywhere I go...

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