Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Google Doodles, second half of 2013

We're back with my favorite Google Doodles for the second half of 2013. There are  quite a few that I consider interesting enough to add to the collection. My deciding factors are: Science and technology, Japan, Interactivity and I think it's funny.

Franz Kafka's 130th Birthday

Wislawa Szymborska's 90th Birthday (Semi-animated)

Ukichiro Nakaya's 113th Birthday (First artificial snow)

4th of July (Interactive)

Tanabata (Star Festival)

Roswell's 66th Anniversary (Point and click game)

Rosalind Franklin's 93rd Birthday

Maria Mitchell's 195th Birthday

Wilbur Norman Christiansen's 100th Birthday

Erwin Schrodinger's 126th Birthday

Qixi Festival / Chilseok (Game)

Kenzo Tange's 100th Birthday

100th anniversary of the first aviation "loop de loop" by Petr Nesterov (Animated)

Mexico Independence Day 2013 (Animated)

Leon Foucault's 194th Birthday (Semi-Interactive)

Google's 15th Birthday (Short Game)

216th Anniversary of the First Parachute Jump (Interactive)

Halloween 2013 (Interactive/Short Games)

Shakuntala Devi's 84th Birthday (Semi-animated, maybe)

C.V. Raman's 125th Birthday (He pioneered work in the physics of light scattering)

Hermann Rorschach's 129th Birthday (Interactive)

Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary (Game)

Thanksgiving 2013 (Animated)

Grace Hopper's 107th Birthday (Animated)

Yasujiro Ozu's 110th Birthday (Japanese film director)

Kristian Birkeland's 146th Birthday (First man to figure out the aurora borealis)

Tycho Brahe's 467th Birthday

Johannes Kepler's 442nd Birthday (Animated)

New Year's Eve 2013 (Animated)

Google Doodles, second half of 2013

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