Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kagoshima Tea

(The red apron reads "Kagoshima Tea".)

I generally go to bed late, so I normally don't wake up before 10AM, and I certainly don't go to the train station right away. However, one Saturday I had to modify my schedule, and I found myself at Chuo station at 9:30 AM. None of the stores were open yet, but there was a ceremony being conducted in the main plaza in front.

Kirishima, the area north of Kagoshima, which includes the regional airport, is home to a number of tea plantations. And on this day, they had set up stalls to sell fresh tea leaves. The ceremony was to hand out an award to some leading figure in the tea producer's association.

The woman on the right has a tray holding a gold statue. The one on the left has a framed certificate. The one in the middle has a camera.

Advertising inviting people to visit Tanegashima, an island of tea-growing robots. (Also, home of Japan's rocket launch site.)

Fresh tea leaves. As I was taking the photo, the guy running the table gave me a free sample cup of tea.

The other tea sellers.

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