Monday, January 13, 2014

Kitaro DVD Review, vol. 16

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Gegege no Kitaro Magazine DVD Series, volume 16
I was thinking that Kodansha would take a break in publishing the Kotaro DVD magazines during the end of year/start of new year holiday period, but that seems to not have been the case. #16 was already on the shelf when I checked on Jan. 7 (#17 came out on the 9th, and I'll review that next week). On the other hand, this specific magazine is the shortest of the series so far, in terms of page count (20 pages total). There are no fold out posters, and the "Mizuki Collection" (of non-Kitaro manga art) is missing. Additionally, the DVD only has the 4 TV episodes, no interviews or other special content.

(Itanmomen and Nurikabe)

The highlighted supporting characters are Itanmomen (bolt of cloth) and Nurikabe (plaster wall) again. We do get the History of Gegege Kitaro, part 15, Where's Yamada (mainly just background scenes), and a small section on Kitaro notepaper and pencil boards.

(Original Art page for Majo.)

The DVD TV episodes are: Majoningyo (Witch Statue, 05/05/68); Kyuketsuki (Blood-sucking Tree, 05/12/68); Nekomusume to Nezumiotoko (Cat Girl and Mouse Man, 05/19/68); and Touge no Youkai (Ridge Monster, 06/09/68).

(Summary page from the Blood-Sucking Tree episode.)

The featured monsters are: Majo (Witch); Nobiagari (Floating Eye); Neko-musume and Amefuri Kozou (Rain Boy); and, Buru Buru (Ice Ghost). The Original Art pages are for: Majo, Nobiagari, Amefuri Kozou and Buru Buru.

(Episode-specific youkai: Neko-musume and Amefuri Kozou.)

I do find it interesting that Neko Musume is listed as one of the villains this time, although when she first appears in the manga she doesn't start out as one of Kitaro's friends right away. In fact, in the original manga that appeared in Garo magazine, Neko-chan is a student at Kitaro's school, gets killed by Fake Kitaro, and decides to remain in the after-life at the end of the story. When she did appear, she took a bite out of Nezumi's head, removing part of his brain and turning him into a kind of zombie. From that point, the two of them never really play together well.

(Back cover. Where's Yamada and the Kotaro goods.)

I've mentioned before that I've been considering not buying the remaining DVD magazines, in part because the magazines are getting shorter but the price isn't dropping. Plus, the animation quality of the first season isn't that good. But, I am finding that there are parts of each episode that are fun, and I do want to watch as much of the series as I can to see if there's something worth keeping. So, I expect that I will buy the remaining 11 volumes, and I'll probably continue to complain about them being overpriced.


Julia Arsenault said...

I had read that Buruburu is the spirit of cowardice the latches to peoples' necks to give them the shivers. And off-topic, it was hard for me to choose which episode storyline I like (from the five anime versions), I prefer the 1968 version of the "Buruburu" story.

TSOTE said...

In this particular episode (Ridge Monster), Buru Buru is just a malevolent frost ghost that attacks whoever is closest by freezing them in ice. Since Mizuki constantly recycled his yokai, and rehashed his storylines, it's not surprising that there'd be multiple versions of Buru Buru, or that each version would be very different from the others. However, the Original Art one-page does give more detail about her original legend.

Julia Arsenault said...

I see. Like I said I prefer the 1968 version of the "Buruburu" story for the strangest reason...I'd worry about Nezumi. =^^= I also love "Nezumi-Otoko and Neko-Musume." I had looked up that The Sanshi or the three insects live in everyone and after a 60-day cycle they tattle to Heaven of a person's behavior while the person sleeps.