Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kitaro DVD Review, vol. 17

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Gegege no Kitaro Magazine DVD Series, volume 17

(Manga and TV series versions of the tanuki family.)

So, yeah, another 20-page issue. No posters, and because there's another 2-part TV episode on the DVD, there's only descriptions of 3 episodes. We do get the History of Gegege, the Kitaro goods section (notebooks and pencils) and Where's Yamada? (a few background scenes), so those regular sections are included this time. To make up for the shorter page count, though, we get several more Original Art pages. What I want to highlight here is Mizuki's multiple approaches to any given yokai. Over time, his art style developed, as well as his sense for the actual nature of specific monsters. In this issue, we get the Tanuki (raccoon dog) as it first appears in the manga, its adaptations to the different TV seasons, and two - count 'em - two Original Art interpretations.

(Tanuki family; Original Art version 1.)

There's no featured supporting yokai, so page 2 just starts out with the TV episode descriptions. The episodes on the DVD are: Youkaijuu zenpen and kohen (Monster Beast, Parts 1 and 2, 05/26/68 and 06/02/68); Hakusanbou (White Mountain Priest, 06/16/68); and, Denki Yokai (Electricity Monster, 06/23/68). Note that with Youkaijuu, Kitaro is turned into an animal. "Hakusan" can be treated as a proper name, and "Bou" can be used to mean "priest", "monk" or "boy". So, "Hakusan-bou" could be translated as "Hakusan the Monk". As for "Denki Yokai", while "Denki" means "electric" or "electricity", the yokai in question is a Japanese thunder demon, so it refers to his lightning..

There's no special video on the DVD this time. I haven't checked, but I expect the easter egg is the same "walking geta" as before.

(108 Tanuki; Original Art version 2.)

The new yokai to appear in the TV episodes are: Happyakuya Dakuni (108 Raccoon Dogs), Youkai Juu (Subtitled: "Kouryuu" = Rain Dragon), Oonamazu (Big Cat Fish), Hakusan-bou and Denki Youkai (Subtitled: "Kaminari" = "Thunder").

(Youkai-juu = Rain Dragon.)

The original art pages are for: Gyobudanuki (Shape-shifter Raccoon Dog), Happyakuya Danuki (108 Raccoon Dogs), Youkaijuu (Rain Dragon), Hakusanbo and Denki Yokai (Electricity Demon).

(Back cover, with Where's Yamada, and the Kitaro notebooks and pencils.)

I mentioned a few months ago that the magazine editors were running out of "new" material to cover in the DVD magazines, and that seems to be what's finally happening now. At some point, all we'll be getting is the TV episode summaries and the cover art...


Julia Arsenault said...

I love the 1968 version of the episode "Hakusan bō" because he's kind of a fox-spirit and I love foxes. Also I love how Nezumi-Otoko has a crush on Hanako (the girl Hakusan bō wants to marry) and gets jealous of Kitaro walkin' with her.

TSOTE said...

To be fair, Nezumi gets jealous of Kitaro for lots of reasons...

Julia Arsenault said...

Oh yeah, right. Anyway, I hope his...pedopheliac (Hanako's only 16) intentions don't the anime comin' to the US and Canada on DVD

TSOTE said...

That's a concern I have with a lot of anime from the 60's and 70's, that stuff that was acceptable back then will outrage Americans now.