Friday, January 10, 2014

Yamakataya Xmas Crafts

At the beginning of December, the Yamakataya department store set up craft tables in the open space near the Lotteria burger shop.  Each table allowed parents and their children to make different Christmas-themed projects. I didn't see prices posted anywhere, but I expect that the store was charging money for the supplies.

Santa bears.

Cardboard trucks carrying toy trucks.

Sand sculptures.

I was unaware that 6-sided dice are traditional seasonal ornaments.

Some of the finished projects. This looks like it could be fun to try, if I had a place to display it afterward...

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Bunny said...

Candles and sand.
Iorin made one of those at the Train museum in Omiya a couple of years back. It's fun I guess. Although I have no idea how well they actually burn ^^;