Monday, February 17, 2014

Hitting the big 500K

For about the last week, I've been watching my pageviews counter climbing up to 490,000 views, and I've been figuring that I'd write this post when I reached 500,000. I started this blog in July, 2008, and effectively it's now averaging 90,000 views annually. For the first 6 months, I was getting maybe 5 views a day, but I didn't have a counter implemented so I wasn't tracking it. I was using Photobucket for hosting my image files, and suddenly I started getting warning emails saying that the number of views of the photos was reaching the limit for my free Photobucket account and that I'd have to upgrade or visitors to the blog would be getting "blocked images" messages. I added a counter and found I was getting 100 page views a day. That was a surprise.

The number has slowly been rising, though generally holding around 330/day. The peak was last Fall, when I got over 950 views in one day, but after that it dropped back down to only 250. Lately, it's been hovering between 300 and 450/day. I was figuring that I'd break 500,000 views total sometime next week, so I wasn't expecting to see 500,070 on the display chart when I logged in last night.

I'm at 50,334 right now, with 2,028 total blog posts. My daily word count per post can go anywhere between 5, and 1,500 (for comparison, this entry is 292 words). Averaged over one recent sample month gives me about 660 words/day. Using that number, I've written somewhere around 1.35 million words during the last 5.5 years. Accompanied by at least 12,000 photos and images (some of which Mediafire hasn't lost yet.)

So, thanks for dropping by.
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delaiglesia said...

Impressive numbers! I hope one day my own weblog will be as popular as yours.