Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lotteria Cubed Bacon Burger

I mentioned in a previous entry that I don't really like eating at Lotteria anymore because everything is overpriced and doesn't taste all that great. However, I will still go there if there's an event in the open space in front of the shop and I'm killing time until the next act in the event starts performing so I can take photos for the blog. Well, on Dec. 15, Mu FM radio held an XMas concert in the open space, and there was going to be another 15 minutes before the next act. Lotteria was advertising their next "big thing" - a cube-cut bacon and cheese hamburger - and I figured I might as well try it.

It's 490 yen (about $5 USD) for just the burger, and I didn't feel like spending another $3 for the small drink and fries, so I just settled for the burger, and the register clerk offered the water on the side. Remember that old advertising campaign in the U.S. - "Where's the beef?" That was the first thing that came to mind when I looked at this thing. The bun and burger are tiny, about the size of the McDonald's $1 menu item burger. There are three small bacon cubes, plus a white sauce thing and a yellow sauce thing. They smelled like melted cheese, but didn't taste like it. The bacon cubes had no real texture and I had difficulty telling if I was chewing through bacon or burger.

It was surprisingly filling, given its size, but it is over-priced and doesn't look much like the ad photo. Not recommended.

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