Monday, February 10, 2014

The Big Issue - Miffy

The Miffy issue of the Big Issue magazine came out towards the beginning of October, but I couldn't find any of the homeless people selling it in Tenmonkan or Amupla. I wanted to get a copy just because the artwork is manga-like, and the character is very popular in Japan. Some weeks later, when I did locate someone selling the latest magazines on the street corner in Tenmonkan, he'd sold out of the Miffy copies that he had. He suggested that I try going up to Amupla and checking with the homeless guy there. But, whenever I went to Ampula, I couldn't find the person working the street corner in front of the Post Office. Finally, in December, I saw the first homeless guy, and he was holding several backissues in one hand while waving the newest one (for Lady Gaga) in the other. And Miffy was in with the backissues, so I got this copy from him for 300 yen ($3 USD). Not a lot of artwork in this issue, but I may get around to translating the interview to see what the artist was talking about.

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