Monday, March 3, 2014

Feb. articles in the media

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from Feb., regarding anime, manga and related stuff.

Japan Times

Miyazaki wins Annie Award for 'Kaze Tachinu' screenplay

Daily Yomiuri

Japanese anime songs with a French touch


Taiwanese street fashion brands collaborate with 'Evangelion' series

'Wind Rises,' four other anime movies compete for year's best anime at Japan Academy Prize

15th Hiroshima animation festival to be held Aug. 21-25

Live-action 'Patlabor' series gets premiere dates, first teaser unveiled

Lives of literary giants get wild new spin in latest manga creations

Hawaii venue for first-ever overseas 'Doraemon' exhibition

'Princess Kaguya,' 'Wind Rises' win big at 68th Mainichi Film Awards

Cartoon Grand Prize picks 10 most interesting manga of 2013

Without words, animators develop unique voice through short films

Mirai Mizue's short 'Wonder' to compete at Berlin film festival

'Wind Rises' wins Annie Award for Writing; Otomo honored for lifetime achievement

'Doraemon' creator's museum exhibition focuses on 'man's best friend'

Two-part sequel to live-action 'Rurouni Kenshin' gets premiere dates

Paris gallery hosts exhibition devoted to Osamu Tezuka

British director eyed for Hollywood's remake of 'Ghost in the Shell'

English voice cast from 'Sailor Moon' to reunite at Anime Expo

International production to broadcast new 'Astro Boy' series in Nigeria

Animated films dominate Japanese box office in 2013

'Captain Harlock' named best international animated feature at 3D Creative Arts Awards

Hayao Miyazaki, Rumiko Takahashi nominated for Eisner Hall of Fame

France's Japan Expo slated for July 2-6, expanded to 5 days

'Giovanni's Island,' living under Soviet occupation as seen through the eyes of a child

Evangelion and Japanese Swords exhibition to be held in Paris, Madrid

Korean animation festival to tour Japan

Maverick artists team up to create 'Ping Pong' anime series


Chris/Hideki said...

Thanks a lot for these articles, I am writing a piece for my own blog based on the one about the banning of barefoot Gen and I'm really appreciative of you bringing it to light for me, especially since the moment I am studying Ienaga Saburo's court battles to reform school textbooks which I will try to connect to this article.

TSOTE said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for dropping by. Glad you found something useful here. I generally collect the anime and manga related newspaper links from the Japan Times, the Daily Yomiuri (now the Japan News) and the Asahi, and then I upload them on an irregular basis. I try to do it the first Monday (my time) of the month, unless there's conflicts with other things I run on Mondays, like the Gegege Kitaro DVD reviews. Right now, I have the March articles waiting to upload, which may be next Monday. If you want to see past listings, you should be able to do a blog search on "articles in the media" for them.