Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kotsuki River Action

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking along the Kotsuki river, towards Amupla and the main Chuo train station, when I noticed a figure standing on the walkway on the other side of the river. It wasn't moving, so I thought it was a mannequin set out to discourage littering or loitering (there was a high school couple making out at the bottom of the stairway a month ago). The large pile of stuff closer to the bridge looked like trash, so maybe the mannequin was put up to stop people from dumping garbage there. Then, the "mannequin" began moving.

On closer inspection, the "pile" could either be abandoned office suitcases and files. Or, maybe it's equipment set up by the police.

As I got closer to the bridge, I could see the tops of 2 police cars, although one was pulling away from the curb as I was getting my camera to take the picture.

At the bridge, there were two other cars parked, and 4 more patrolling the streets in the immediate area. So now I'm thinking that there's a full-blown investigation underway that has turned into some kind of manhunt.

The "mannequin" from a different angle.

At river-level on the other side of the bridge, there were several investigators walking around. Along the bridge railing next to me, a small crowd had gathered and were asking each other what the fuss was about. Someone else walking around with a pro-quality camera was taking photos of the scene and of the crowd. He didn't have any ID visible, so I couldn't be sure if he was with the police, or was a reporter. If he was with the police, the pictures of the crowd would take on a different purpose.

A third investigator.

View of the other side of the bridge from the pile of cases. The walkway has been blocked off here, but there's no other indication of anything unusual having happened here. I never saw anything show up on the local TV news, so maybe this was just another Arlo Guthrie song being played out.

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