Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Kiss

There are about 50 comics that I read daily, and Last Kiss is one of my favorites. Cartoonist John Lustig has been writing for Disney Comics for over 25 years, so he's got some chops. Back in the mid-1980's, when Charlton Comics was going out of business, John bought the rights to the First Kiss romance title for $400. Since then, he's been restoring the artwork and rewriting the dialog to create original single-panel gags. There's a lot of innuendo, but nothing outright dirty (that's supplied by the commenters on GoComics), and most of the gags are wickedly funny (unlike what's in the GoComics comments).

Last month, GoComics had another one of their contests, this time with 2 sets of prizes, both of which included a signed Last Kiss print, a copy of a Cathy comics collection, and a fancy book of word search puzzles. I'm happy to say that I won one of the packages, because I really wanted this print. Now, I'm going to go and read more comics.

(Sidenote: I sent an email to John telling him I won the print and he replied back pretty quickly. He's a really nice guy. You should buy his comics. He will be glad you did.)

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