Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kitaro DVD Review, vol. 23

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Gegege no Kitaro Magazine DVD Series, volume 23

(New yokai page, Ubume.)

Features Present:
Where's Yamada (various background shots)
Kitaro Goods (Bromides (glossy color prints from the first anime series))
History of Gegege no Kitaro, #22
Mizuki Collection (Cover of the 10/8/67 issue of Shonen Magajin)

Features Missing:
Fold-out posters
Interviews or special video sections
Featured supporting youkai page

(Original art page: Amano-jaku.)

TV Episodes:
#46: Ubume (Ubume, 11/17/68)
#47: Amanojaku (Amano-jaku, 11/24/68)
#48: Yukinko (Snow Girl, 12/1/68)
#49: Tenko (High Ranking Kitsune, 12/8/68)

(Original art page: Yuki Onna. I love this picture.)

New Yokai Pages:
Yukinko, Yuki Onna, Yuki Otoko, Reito Kyojin
Youko (Tenko, Kuuko, Kiko, Yako)

(Original art page: Yoko.)

Original Art Pages:
Yuki Onna

(Back cover: Where's Yamada, and the Kitaro goods bromides.)

The new yokai this time are:

Ubume: Traditionally, Ubume refers to the spirit of a woman that died during child birth. In one version of the tale, she appears as an old crone that begs the victim to hold her baby. After passing the child on, she suddenly disappears. With time, the baby gets progressively heavier until it is revealed to be just a very large boulder. In some versions, it is depicted as a bird, maybe a kind of crow.

Amano-jaku: This is a well-known demon in Japanese folklore, whose name translates to "Heavenly Evil Spirit". It is usually shown as a small demon that entices victims into doing bad things. Amano-jaku statues can occasionally be found at some Shinto shrines.

Yukinko: Yukinko is actually the daughter of a 3-member family, including Yuki Onna and Yuki Otoko. Generally, Yuki Onna is "Snow Woman", a ghost that controls cold weather, while Yuki Otoko is the Japanese name for a Yeti. The entire family could be considered to be "The Snow People". Also in with this group is Reito Kyojin, or Frozen Giant. He's made of ice, so the better translation would be "Ice Giant".

Youko: This is another group of yokai identified under one name. Kitsune means "fox", as in the actual animal. However, it also often refers to fox spirits. "Youko" is made up of the kanji for "spirit" and "fox", and makes it clearer that these are the spirit versions. Tenko is a kitsune that has existed for 1,000 years, has attained a kind of godhood status, and has nine tails. Kuko, Kiko and Yako are lower-level kitsune, although in episode 49 they're the names of Tenko's pack members.


Julia Arsenault said...

You know in the "Yukinko" episode, I thought it was soup that Nezumi drank greedily. I never heard of "Sweet Sake."

TSOTE said...

Amazake is kind of a semi-fermented, unfiltered sake that includes some of the rice mash. It's not as strong as regular sake, and has kind of a porridge quality because of the mash. It's served hot, usually during the winter, and is often a part of outdoor holiday festivals.

Julia Arsenault said...

Oh I see. Thank you so much. I love that version of the "Yukinko" story because of the little bird, the only talking animal in the series and:
Medama-Oyaji : "QUIET!(?)"
Nezumi-Otoko: "Sorry" that quick back-n-forth ^^