Friday, April 11, 2014

No Parking

Time for "More learning Japanese from Signs!" The top line reads "Tousha ni goyou no nai kata ha Chuusha Genkin". "Tousha" is "this company. "ni" is "towards" or "with". "Goyou" combines "purpose" (you) with the honorable prefix, "go". "no nai" is possessive + "not". "Kata" is a very polite way to say "person", or "you". "ha" is a particle marker that can kind of be treated as "is" in this case. "chuusha" is "car parking". "Genkin" is "strictly prohibited" or "banned".

this company + with + (honorable) purpose + of not + person + (marker) + parking + banned.

Or, "If you don't have business with us, don't use our parking spaces!!!"

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