Tuesday, April 22, 2014

School Wall

The elementary school near me has a white concrete wall at one corner, and I think it had been decorated by past students. The paint is cracking and flaking off in places, so the school has decided to start repainting it.

The text on the right reads, "Heisei 25 Graduating Students" (Heisei 25 = 2013). On the left, "Arigatou saikou no Nakama-tachi". Nakama is usually treated to mean "friend", but has more of the meaning of "the people within my same group". "Saikou" is "supreme" or "most". So, "Thanks, best friends!" or "Thanks, best classmates!"

Although this photo was taken during the cherry blossom season, the petals are actually part of the painting.

As I was taking the above photo, some of the teachers were leading one of the classes out for a field trip. Since the only thing in the area is the Tenmonkan shopping complex, I think the purpose of the field trip was to teach the kids how to shop for new shoes.

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