Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anpanman Gusto Banners

Gusto is a family restaurant similar to Embers in the U.S., but with less emphasis on pancakes. I've shown photos of their ad banners a few times in the past. They commonly have tie-ins with Anpanman. The closest location is 2 blocks from my apartment, on the way to Tenmonkan, so I walk by them all the time. The current campaign is "Natsu no genki 100 bai kyanpe-n" (100 times energetic summer campaign).

The Japanese in the above banner reads "kizzu kyanpe-n" (Kids Campaign). Note that "genki" can relate to someone having a smiling face, although being "low energy" means that you're "not genki". I assume that "genki 100 bai" (genki 100 times) is supposed to be "100% Smile".

(Kids dinner set, with all-you-can-drink soda bar.)

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