Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Case Closed Real Game

A few days ago, I was walking along the street towards the Daiei department store, across from Amupla and the main Kagoshima Chuo train station, when I noticed a kind of mysterious, black poster sheet on a couple of the public notice boards. The poster was obviously advertising something related to Meitantei Conan (Case Closed), but just looking at it I couldn't make out the specifics. The thing is, it was a pretty cool-looking sheet. Plus, the wind was so strong, it was pulling the corners out from the tacks on both sheets. With luck, one of the sheets would blow completely free and I'd be able to collect it from wherever it landed. I went home, with the intent to go back out that night and check again. Unfortunately, it started raining soon after, and the downpour lasted a couple of days. At the end, I figured that if someone else hadn't pocketed them, the rain would have turned the sheets into pulp. Finally, about 4 days later, the weather was good, and I had some free time between lessons, so I retraced my footsteps. This time, I could only locate one sheet anywhere along Tram Douri, and it was a different design. As can be seen from the photo, it has water damage and isn't worth keeping.

It's advertising a real-time live game, "Escape from the Orient Express". The game has been travelling across Japan for several months and is just now getting to Kyushu. 2,500 yen ($25 USD) for adults, 2,000 yen for kids, for advance tickets. Check out the website for more details, and a video of the game. But, basically, the audience gets clues from an MC and at least one puzzle box, and then they have to solve the puzzle before everyone else.

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