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Kitaro DVD Review, vol. 25

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Gegege no Kitaro Magazine DVD Series, volume 25

(Original Art page: Gremlins)

Features Present:
Where's Yamada (some background shots)
Kitaro Goods (Kitaro balloons and watches)
History of Gegege no Kitaro, #24

Features Missing:
Fold-out posters
Interviews or special video sections
Featured supporting youkai page
Mizuki Collection

(Original Art page: Keukengen)

TV Episodes:
#54:Yokai Rari- (Monster Rally, 01/12/69)
#55: Yokai Keukegen (Monster Fluffikins, 01/19/69)
#56: Isoonna (Seacoast Woman, 01/26/69)
#57: Ongyo Maho (Invisibility Witch, 02/02/69)

(Original Art page: Iso Onna)

New Yokai Pages:
Bakkubea-do (Backbeard), Majo (Witch), Akajita (Red Tongue), Furanken (Frankenstein), Ookami Otoko (Wolfman), Guremurin (Gremlin), Umibouzu (Seaboy)
Keukegen (Fluffy Hair Appearance), Furaribi (Aimless Fire)
Iso Onna (Seacoast Woman), Bouya (Boy)
Nupperabou (Surprising Face)

(Original Art page: Nupperabou)

Original Art Pages:
Guremurin (Gremlin)
Keukegen (Fluffy Hair Appearance)
Iso Onna (Seacoast Woman)
Nupperabou (Surprising Face)

(Back Cover)

Wordy portion

In the Monster Rally episode, most of the monsters are just generic names. Backbeard is the only one at all unusual, and is a Beholder credited as coming from the U.S. (he has appeared in several other episodes). "Umibouzu" translates literally as "sea boy", and could be interpreted as "aqua lad".

Gremlin - of the monster rally creatures, the Gremlin is the only one to be given its own Original Art page. As shown, it's pretty much a Japanese retelling of the gremlins that plagued Western engineers during WW II, but much more malevolent.

Keukegen - This is a traditional Japanese creature, which translates as "Fluffy Hair Appearance", but in English would just be called "Fluffy". It is credited with making people sick. Personally, I like the name "Mr. Fluffikins".

Iso Onna - "Iso" is "beach" or "sea coast". "Onna" is "woman". This is another traditional folk creature. Note that while the Gegege wiki says that Iso Onna tales can be found all over Japan, the DVD magazine says that she's specific to Kyushu island.

Furaribi - While "Aimless fire" takes the shape of a Phoenix, which is usually called "Hi no Tori" (Fire Bird), these are probably not the same creatures. Keukegen rides Furaribi as a form of transport.

Ongyo Maho - Ongyo is "invisibility", and Maho is "witch". I could treat this name as "Invisible Witch", or "the witch that controls invisibility".

Nupperabou - This creature is probably unique to the Mizuki universe, and appears in the Ongyo Maho episode. Normally, "Nopperabou" is a creature that has no face. "Nu" is a sound effect for when you're surprised by something, and this creature's face would be surprising if you found it in a dark alley late at night. So, I'm calling it "Surprising Face".

Bouya - Literally, this is just "boy". So, it's a title for a kid that appears in the Iso Onna episode as a sea-based yokai.

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