Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kuusen Suibokuga Exhibit

The Kuusen (空仙) association has had several exhibits of sumi-e (suibokuga = 水墨画, India ink drawings) at the International Center in the past while I've been in Kagoshima, but I'm not sure why they exhibit so much. There's no URL for them, so I can't include a link to their website. Regardless, I do like several of the pieces on display, so I'll show them off here. Sumi-e (black ink pictures) and Suiboku-ga (India ink paintings) are basically the same thing, and "sumi" and "boku" are two different pronounciations of the same kanji. The exhibit is running this week on the 2nd floor of the International Volunteer Center (Kenmin Kaikan).

Some of the paintings look like student works, but the others are pretty well-done, in my opinion.

I like the cranes in this one.

Just to give you an idea of the size and scope of the exhibit space. I took these photos at 3 PM on Wednesday, when there weren't any other visitors.

Less like sumi-e and more like suiboku-ga.

(Moshimoshi, na-ni ("Hello, What is it?"))

I tried getting artsy with this one, contrasting the real flowers against the paintings. It didn't really work.

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