Monday, May 5, 2014


One of the reasons I settled on the Nikon CoolPix camera is that it was advertised as being able to take good moon photos. So, naturally, for the first couple of weeks I had it, either we had rain or the moon just wasn't in the sky. Finally, one night the sky was mostly clear and the moon was nice and bright. However, it took close to an hour to figure out how to change the white balance settings to get halfway decent shots, and by that time the moon was getting close to the horizon. I do have a tripod, but it's a cheap $25 aluminum thing that is really rickety. The tripod has a tendency to make the camera drift when you let go of it, so I had to hold the camera in place with my hand to keep the moon centered in the shot, and that introduced enough jitter to keep the photos from being as sharp as they could have been. Not sure if I want to spend another $500 for a rock-solid tripod...

Out of 40+ shots, these are the ones that turned out.

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