Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yakushima, Part 3

May 6, again

The island of Yakushima is in the path of the typhoons, and gets more rain per year than most so-called "rain forests" do. So, anything metal is going to rust fast. It's kind of a contrast seeing shiny, brand-new firetrucks sitting in a building that could give you tetanus just by looking at it.

Can't go anywhere in Japan without encountering pachinko parlors. The more gaudy and eye-catching, the better.

10 PM. I decide to go out to see if the sky has cleared enough to see the stars. If so, I'd go back to the river near the city center and try finding the picnic site marked as a good star watching location. I take the road toward the ferry port and follow it past some factories to the end of the line. Along the way, there's a statue dedicated to the loggerhead turtles. The hatching of the baby turtles is a big event in the spring.

There's bands of clouds in the sky, so it's not ideal for going to the picnic site. Additionally, my hiking trip starts early the next morning, so I just take a couple pictures from the docks and return to the hotel for the night. It's not easy to tell from this photo, but the camera did pick up the light from 4 different stars/planets in this shot.

Got some nice contrast this time. This is probably the best moon photo I've gotten with this camera, so far.


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