Friday, June 13, 2014

Blind Tram Ride

A few weeks ago, I had to take the tram down to Minami Kagoshima. One stop short, the tram stopped at the platform where 30+ people were standing and waiting to get on. It took close to 5 minutes, and when we started up again, the tram was full and at least 10 people were left behind to get on the next tram. Half the riders were blindfolded, and the other half acted as their guides/handlers. At the Minami Kagoshima platform, they all got off, then crossed the tracks to reach the nearby JR train platform. I don't know if they intended to take the train south down the coast, or back up to the main Chuo station. Either way, it looked like a major challenge. It could have been for some kind of contest or game, or just sensitivity training.

At the end, I did discover one argument in favor of paying attention to your surroundings - I found a 10 yen (10 cent US) coin lying on the tracks next to the edge of the platform that was overlooked by those that could see, too.

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