Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Powered Coffee

There are some products, when you see them on the shelf, you just start wondering "Huh?" In Japan, there has long been a market for genki drinks, which are little 3-4 ounce bottles of vitamin and caffeine shots. As brands like Gatorade and Poccari Sweat started catching on, drink companies began casting out for bigger markets. More recently, we've been seeing specific energy drinks ala Red Bull. And now "enhanced" coffee - with additional caffeine and other ingredients. Powered Coffee is accompanied by posters featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis grimed up to look like old-school oil rig workers. I figured that, at 150 yen ($1.50 USD) for a 6-oz. can, I'd take the risk for the sake of the blog.

Bottom line? Snake oil. Dish-water-flavored snake oil. The stuff smells and looks like a dark roast coffee, but has virtually no flavor at all. And I didn't feel a caffeine or vitamin rush afterward. Yet another fad created to appeal to Japanese that fall for anything with the word "new" on the front.

The back of the can says:
Royal Jelly Extract: 150mg
Siberian Ginseng: 100mg
Jujube Extract: 100mg
Chinese Wolfberry Extract: 50mg

Tastes like dirty water.

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