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Review: Space Family Carlvinson, vol. 3

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Space Family Carlvinson, vol. 3, by Yoshitoo Asari, Grade: A

This time, we get another set of recurring characters: some robot-looking guys that build a railroad across the planet, and the most self-absorbed family in the universe.

Yuusha no Densetsu (Legend of the Brave Guy)

Corona's pre-school class is given a reading assignment, so she goes to the library to get a book. What she finds is Nazo sensei's video game simulation book, which teleports Corona into a version of Legend of Zelda, with all of the parts incompetently portrayed by the circus troupe.

Niji Otoko ha Futatabi (Return of Rainbow Man)

Niji hides human body parts around town in order to lure Belka, Corona and the aliens into a death trap. While the trick works, none of the victims are smart enough to realize that they're supposed to become afraid of getting killed. They're rescued by Dad when he arrives to tell Corona it's time for dinner.

Fushigi Ryouri no Gyakushuu (Mysterious Recipe Counter-attack)

Dad makes dinner, which threatens to kill anyone that eats it. Only John, the dog-suit wearing spider monster considers the meal at all delicious.

Ooinaru Tabiji (The Great Journey)

A group of robots dressed like Japanese construction workers arrive to install a rail line through town, only to be thwarted when Dad insists on trying to help. The crew boss convinces Dad to sit and watch the tracks to make sure nothing happens to them. The next morning, the crew finds the entire circus troupe set up and watching the tracks, completely oblivious to what a "train" is or what the tracks are for.

Maboroshi no 12wa (笑) - Yuusei yori Ai wo Komete (The Phantom 12th Chapter (^_^) - Love Like a Wandering Star)

Various townspeople, including Corona, come down with a mysterious disease that puts them into a hospital. Mom determines the cause to be a wristwatch that is being distributed to people for free by an unknown outsider. Belka finds the purveyor's partner, who confesses everything. The two outsiders are refugees from the Crab planet. Recently, the inhabitants of the planet have been dying, and her boyfriend is desperate to find a cure. He's created the watches for getting DNA samples from people, but one side effect is that it makes the wearer sick. The male crab goes up against Dad in a battle of powersuits, and loses. The two crabs return home, while Mom suspects that the male crab is smart enough to find a cure anyway.

Ta-kun no Himitsu (Tah-kun's Secret)

Po, a member of the Cerebellum planet, has arrived on her quest to find Turbo to get him to return home. Turbo had had a fight with his parents and run away, and Po has been looking for him for 6 years. The 4-legged invading aliens and Corona think that Po is Turbo and come close to accidently drowning her in a river. When Po does find Turbo, Belka gets freaked out by having so many Cerebellums in so many close-up scenes so often. Turbo tells Po that he's found his place here on the planet as Corona's pet, so Po returns to the family's estate on their private first-class space yacht. Turbo returns to playing with Corona and the invaders, who have reenforced the steel cage that they're going to use for throwing him into the river again.

Nanika ga Michi wo Yattekita (Here to Put in Some Kind of a Road)

The rail line is completed, and the first steam train arrives, complete with stowaways. The first one is an Ultraman kind of guy that claims to be the strongest man in the universe, along with his equally obnoxious wife and two sons. They decide to take over Mom's spaceship and sponge off the troupe for a while. To show how strong he is, the guy destroys the train in one punch. From here, Belka and the others challenge Strong Guy to an arm wrestling match, but they all lose. The troupe's only hope is for Dad to win, but he's in a funk because Corona is angry at him for eating her cotton candy. She only cheers up after one of the troupe members bribes her with chocolate. The Strong Family then tries moving in with Rainbow Man in his camp in the park.

Uchuu karakita Abarenbou (Hooligans from Space)

Strong Guy wants to truly prove that he's the universe's strongest, so he destroys each new train as it arrives in town. The robot engineers take this as a challenge to make something even Strong Guy can't damage. But, before he can test it out, the train is destroyed trying to cross a bridge that isn't designed for the weight. Strong Guy makes a comment about people being too arrogant for their own good, so the troupe pummels him. The Strong family is reduced to living in the park again.

Wagana wa No-maddo (My Name is Noumad)

Various members of the troupe are suddenly collapsing, and the doctor declares that they have no brain activity. Belka and her posse discover a robot that calls itself Noumad (a pun on the Star Trek creature, and "Nou", meaning brain). Noumad wants to suck dry every brain it can find, and is defeated by the lack of useable material to work with on this planet, specifically Dad and Parka. Noumad shuts down. The doctor then restores most of the characters back to normal by reversing the pump action from Noumad, but accidentally mixes up the brains of Turbo and Parka.

Shi wo Yobu Menyu- (Menu of Death)

Ken, the insect/mechanical/lizard(?) wanderer, is hungry. He tries mooching off of Dad and John, which is a mistake because neither of them eat anything edible. Their current "delicacy" is eel, lemon, milk, raw egg, liver, garlic and yogurt all mixed together in a blender. Ken then tries to get a free meal from the two single women in the town - Sheriff Belka and Demon Raika, but Belka's cooking skills are limited to eggs - raw and hard boiled; while Raika just eats out of whatever can is in her cupboard. Desperate, Ken fries up some fish to show Dad what real food is like, and he finally gives up when Dad insists on eating the liver-eel mix.

Noroi no Tsumo (Tsumo Curse)

Andy (the half-robot) decides to learn an Earthling game to have something to teach to Corona. He picks Mahjong, but none of the rest of the troupe know the rules. Dad tries to use the tiles as dice and as rock-paper-scissors markers. Turbo tries using them for billiards, while Ken just panics at not knowing how to play the game. Nearby, Strong Guy, John and Rainbow Man pretend that they do know, and attempt to bluff the others into admitting that they don't. Finally, Strong Guy gets backed into a corner, but instead of saying that he has no idea what they're doing, he blows the table up and runs away. In the end, Corona finds the tiles and Dad teaches her the rock-paper-scissors variant.

Shi wo Yobu Denpa (TV Transmission of Death)

John is not only in charge of running the local movie theater, but also the TV station. He sets a timer to automatically run the programming before taking a nap, then oversleeps by one day. Mom yells at him, saying that a test pattern has been airing all morning, so John figures the only choice is to get the alien invaders to help him do a live broadcast of the news, various dramas, and the weather. All of which go horribly wrong. John gives up and announces that he'll run a special effects show instead, which one of the aliens takes as his cue to set off a bomb. With the studio destroyed, John tries to go to sleep again, but is told that their ratings are way up and he can't quit now.

(Tahkun = Turbo.)

Comments: I like this manga. It's funny. 3 thumbs up.

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