Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July, 2014, Coins

The next batch of the Prefecture 500 yen coins hit the banks in July. This time, we have Mie, Yamagata, and Ehime. If you can't tell from the scan, Ehime's picture is of a suspension bridge; for Mie it's a forest walkway; while Yamagata uses an image from a Jomon-era clay sculpture of a goddess.

The Japan Mint page lists the next coins as Saitama, Kagawa and Ishikawa. Unfortunately, the release schedule is unclear. The main page says that these are the coins for the end of this year, but the individual ordering pages indicate that they won't come out until July, 2015. So, at this point, I don't know which date is correct. I'll check again around November.

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