Monday, July 28, 2014

Kitkat Chocolatory

Misstache has brought to my attention the first boutique store in Japan dedicated to Kitkat. It opened in January, 2014, in the Seibu department store, near the Ikebukuro train station on the Yamanote line in Tokyo.

The boutique brings many of the regional Kitkat flavors together in one place, such as Chili Pepper, Green Tea and Vanilla Cheesecake. Plus, you can get cups of ice cream with Kitkat pieces as garnishes.

This isn't a place that I'll be visiting any time soon (no plans to go to Tokyo), but who knows, maybe branch locations will open up in Kyushu some day.

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misstache said...

Hi! The Sakura Green Tea, I think, is exclusively sold in this store. I loved it from the batch!