Monday, August 11, 2014

Game Arcade

I like visiting the game arcade on the top 2 floors of the Amupla building just to see what's new, and occasionally I find stuff to use for this blog. This time, we have anime-related token pusher games, starting with Gegege no Kitaro.

Gambling for money isn't legal in Japan, so these machines just use tokens which can be used on other games. So, while you can win, it's not directly translatable into refundable cash.
I used to play these kinds of machines a lot when I first came to Japan, but they didn't have built-in video screens at the time.

Crayon Shin-chan.

Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog).

Evangelion pachinko.

Hokuto no Ken slots.

Then we have the UFO catcher machines.

I'm not sure what these figures are from. Maybe Clash of Titan? They're very high-quality, any way.

Arale-chan from Doctor Slump, and Lunch from Dragon Ball in the same machine.

I'd consider trying to get this figurine, except that the machines are programmed to have sprung arms most of the time. It'd probably cost $30-$40 USD for the machine to decide that it'd let me win. Not going to spend that kind of money on something like this.


Anonoymous said...

I'm pretty sure those characters are from a series called "Attack on Titan" over here in the US. I can't recall what it's orinigal name is, though.

TSOTE said...

Yeah, that would be Shingeki no Kyojin.