Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sakurajima Walking, Part 2


Sunday morning comes and the weather is good. Nice bright, clear blue sky, but hot. I jump on the computer to verify the geocache locations one more time, then get out the door a little late. Along the way, I stop at a supermarket for a 2 liter bottle of water (89 cents) and a big peanut brittle cookie-like thing ($1.50). I hold off on getting anything more food-like because this store doesn't sell much in the way of sandwiches, and I want to get something at the grocery store on the island. I walk down to Dolphin Port and then over to the aquarium and the ferry port building, arriving just as the 1 PM ferry is leaving. I wait the 15 minutes for the next ferry, and eat the peanut brittle thing during the ride. The ferry has a small ramen shop, but it's too busy serving the other passengers, so I don't buy anything. The kiosk is about 20% more expensive than regular konbini are, so I don't get any snacks here, either.


The ferry will arrive at the port at point 1. The Information Center is at point 2, away from the observation building, down at sea level. The observation building is at point 3 (1,000 feet up) (the grocery store is where the red line stops going to the left and starts snaking up the hill. As for point 4...

Port View

As the ferry is pulling out of the harbor, we come under attack from a nearby friendly destroyer.

This is one of 2 boats currently docked in Kagoshima and open to tourists.

I'd like to know if they leave the keys in the puddle hopper.

Looking around

The north end of Kinko Bay is where Aira City and Kajiki are located. Aira has the giant cedar festival, and Kajiki hosts the spider fighting contest.

South lies open sea, and after a 1-hour jet boat ride, Yakushima.

West is Kagoshima City. The Ferris wheel is located on top of the main Chuo train station, and is about a 5-minute walk from my apartment. So, that's roughly where I started from today.

Pretty quickly, the ferry gets out past the break walls.

Gotta wonder if these guys ever complain that their perfect day of fishing is interrupted with the capture of an actual fish.


The Chinese astrological calendar includes dragons as one of the 12 animals. I'm pretty sure that dragons were included because they show up in the clouds all the time.

At the port

Sakura-chan. I need to send this photo to Bill Griffith and see if it's disturbingly cute enough to get into Zippy the Pinhead. Anyway, I'm now on Sakurajima.

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