Monday, September 15, 2014

Sakurajima Walking, Part 5

Sports Grounds

The island has a surprisingly large sports facility for a place that had a population of only 6,000 in 2004 (and that's probably been declining ever since). There are 2 regulation size baseball diamonds and a soccer field. At the end of the street is another sports field, which can either be used for soccer, or outdoor stage events. The volcano is in the background.

See that little red arrow? That's pointing to the observation building that I'm planning on visiting to find one of the two geocaches here. See the cloud to the right of the arrow? That's rain. While the skies had been bright and clear in the main city, they're not quite so good at the moment. Having climbed the 1,000 feet up the mountain in the rain once before, I'm not sure I want to do it again now. First, because I don't want the new camera to get wet. Second, if I DO find the geocache near the parking lot up there, the inside of the box will get wet if I open it to sign the log notebook.

Anyway, I turn around and head back to the main road as the rain hits me. It's a light drizzle, so it's not that bad on that count. I'm more concerned about the fact that when the rain dries, it leaves a thick coating of volcano ash on the camera. Not a good portent.

Geocache Image

I get to the information center and take the selfie for the Earth cache. The point is that the volcano is supposed to be visible in the background, but the rain clouds are in the way. The fun part is that I spent a couple minutes trying to prop the little camera on the center's sign and get it pointing the right direction, and when I turned around, 20 Japanese tourists had gotten out of the bus and were staring at me. I guess one of them could have volunteered to shoot the camera for me, if they'd thought about it.

But now, I'm left with a problem. It's raining on the mountain, so there's not much point in going over to the grocery store at the north end, and even less reason to go up the mountain, especially if the ash is going to get into the camera. But, if I don't go after the second cache, what's the point of having come here? I need more photos for the blog...

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