Thursday, September 4, 2014


There's a local dessert that's very popular here during the summer, called "shirokuma" (polar bear). It's a large bowl of shaved ice covered with sliced fruit, jellies and mochi (pounded rice), drizzled with condensed milk or thick green tea. The regular Shirokuma is supposed to have a face formed on the top, but it wasn't so obvious this time. A "small" is 450 yen ($4.50 USD), while a regular is 600 to 750 yen. Mine was a normal regular Shirokuma. (You can see the other flavors on the menu in the background.)

Shirokuma was developed in an okonomiyaki restaurant in Tenmonkan a few decades ago, and has become so popular as to be sold in convenience stores, and licensed for vending in other restaurants. The parts with the condensed milk taste pretty good, and there are other fruits and stuff at the bottom of the glass under the ice, but really, this dessert is just 95% ice.

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zillustration said...

looks good! as long as it's not too sweet... I find too much sugar makes these summer desserts less refreshing.