Saturday, October 4, 2014


I'm having trouble getting exact details regarding the Hakuyou, a deep sea diving submersible that is currently sitting on the wharf next to the Kagoshima aquarium. The sign board beside the craft states that it had been used to explore the sea life in the Bay , but it had been retired in 2013 after 42 years in service (if I understand the description right). Searching on "Hakuyou" brings up a global report in which the Hakuyou was supplied by a deep sea salvage company in investigating a shipwreck in 2001 believed to have come from North Korea. It shows up as having belonged to Fukada Salvage. But, the name on the side of the craft is "SNK Ocean Co.," a "marine survey company". SNK doesn't have a website, and Linked-in shows that at least one Fukada employee used to work at SNK, so I guess there's some crossover between the two. At a minimum, you can get details on the Hakuyou from the Fukada site.

Doesn't look 42 years old...

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