Friday, October 17, 2014

Kagoshima Map

This map is a reproduction of an 1841 drawing of Kagoshima, located next to the aquarium. I knew that the water edge from the Bay was much farther inland than it is now, but I had no idea by how much. The bottom-most horizontal red line, about a block from the docks, represents modern-day Tram Street. This means that maybe 40% of the Tenmonkan shopping complex would have been underwater 170 years ago. There's a couple square miles of reclaimed land in that area.

The big yellow block towards the center of the map is the location of the old Satsuma castle grounds (Tsurumaru). The green hilly area directly above the castle is Shiroyama, the big hill that currently has the Shiroyama hotel at the top. The blue line to the upper left is the Kotsuki river. My apartment is near where the hills reach the Kotsuki.

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