Tuesday, October 21, 2014


KKB is one of the local TV stations, and they had a small event on the 18th in the plaza in front of the main train station. I had to teach English lessons from 1 to 3 PM, and I spent some time at Honganji watching Bouzu Meets before going to a store to do food shopping. I didn't get to Amupla until just before 4 PM, and at that point all the stage acts were finished and the crew was working at prepping for something else. I have no idea what, because there were no signs announcing it, and I had to leave to teach another lesson at the same school at 5 PM.

Note that the short guy to the left of the photo, in the weird stretch pants, is a local TV talent that I've seen at other events in Kagoshima in the last couple of years.

The rest of the event consisted of booths advertising some of the TV shows that air on KKB, plus a small goods shop.

Some police drama.

Poster to the left is for another crime drama. The katakana at the bottom of the building case says "Before After"; maybe it's for a show about renovating houses.

I'm not sure if this booth was for a police drama, or if it was a recruiting center for the Kagoshima police department. It's a nice, shiny bike, though.

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