Monday, October 13, 2014

The frustration of virtual art

My apartment is very small. There's no space for putting artwork on the walls. But, there are a few artists that I really like, and I want to help them out by buying commissioned art from them. The solution I've come up with is to get one-of-a-kind PC wallpapers only I get to have. Hopefully, this means that the artists either create everything virtually, or they agree not to sell the originals to anyone else (I have to trust them on this count). So far, I've got a swine virus from Rich Powell (Wide Open, Mad Magazine) and Hubris doing air stunts on a bike from Greg Cravens (The Buckets, Hubris). Both are really nice pieces.

The frustration comes from not being able to show them off to anyone. Letting people see copies of a unique wallpaper file means that it's no longer unique. Sigh. So much for bragging rights... On the other hand, they're really nice pieces, so I think you should check out Rich's and Greg's comics, and at least buy a print from them. They're good guys.

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