Monday, November 24, 2014

Eki Machi Festa

On the west side of the main Chuo train station, a small stage was set up for the Eki Machi 1-choume Kagoshima Festa Nov. 23rd (Station City Neighborhood 1 Kagoshima Festa). There were 4 acts that performed a few times each during the day. One was Masayan, an acoustic guitarist, and the second was the Golden Seniors cheer dancers. The third was Shiho Nagai, who, with her teacher, played Okinawan songs on a jamisen (like a samisen) accompanied by a small taiko drum. It's not really my kind of music, but I was amazed by the finger work of both jamisen players.

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The fourth act was Tomoyuki Onoda, a magician I haven't seen here before. Most of the magic at the beginning of his set were scarf tricks, all of which I'm familiar with. Technically, he did a good job, but his stage approach didn't really connect with the audience. Like many jugglers and magicians here, he had music playing behind him, and just went through the motions of the illusions one right after the other without talking. I'm not sure the audience really had time to register what they'd just seen before he went to the next bit. Regardless, I was too far away, and he was moving too fast, for me to get good photos from where I was standing. But, as I say, I know most of these tricks, so I didn't stick around all that long.

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