Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nov. 8

MBC Radio Day

There are drawbacks to having to work Saturdays. The primary one, for me, is not being able to watch one-day events when the sponsor schedules them for that day. And of course, it's often not only the one event.

Case in point: MBC Radio had its annual matsuri on the 8th in Tenmonkan in the space in front of Lotteria. It was a fairly large event, with several food and drink booths, and various performers on the main stage. I made a point of at least taking a couple photos on my way to the school at noon, but they only had people joking with each other on stage, and with the audience.

It was a well-attended event, anyway.

Especially because I think they were going to give away the bottles of shochu on the table at the back of the stage. I tried looking at the event schedule, but I didn't recognize any of the names other than the all-girl idol group, Southern Cross.

As soon as Halloween ended, the Christmas ornaments went up.

Tenmonkan Illumination

Actually, the Christmas lights were the reason for the next pair of events. The first half was a continuation of the MBC radio show, this time held in front of 7-11, with the announcers prepping the audience for the big event when the holiday lights would be turned on throughout the mall. I had a short 1-hour break between lessons, so I swung back through Tenmonkan at 5:30 PM just to see if the above MBC radio matsuri was still going. That had ended, and a crew was converting the stage in front of Lotteria over for the second half of the illumination event. I had to buy some shaving cream, so I went to a drug store nearby, and noticed the stage in front of 7-11. I stopped by in order to take photos for this blog.

These three are all radio "personalities", with the one in the suspenders acting as the main butt of the jokes. His "act" is to put one end of an ace bandage in his mouth, with an audience member holding the other end. On a count of three, the audience member lets go and the guy gets hit in the face with the bandage. I've seen him doing this routine 4-5 times now over the last year or two.

The event list was very short, with Southern Cross performing 2 songs again. I had intended to record one or both performances, but one of the local residents here was also at the event and she recognized me. I ended up having to talk with her instead, and then my break period was over and I had to return to the school. Things were scheduled to end at this stage at 7 PM, so that opportunity was gone.

My route took me past Lotteria again, when the MBC radio matsuri stage was still being converted for the other half of the illumination event. According to the schedule, they were going to have a gospel choir, and the booths at the back would be handing out a free glass of sparkling wine to attendees.

I was too far away for the camera to get a good shot of the singers. Since my next lesson would start at 6:20 PM, and the singers wouldn't begin until 6:15, I couldn't hang around. I got in to the school, taught the lesson, and got back out at 7:10 PM. By that time, the gospel singers had finished and the work crew was tearing down the Lotteria stage. I got up to 7-11, and the other illumination stage was also dark. There had been a sign announcing a red wine event at 7 PM, and there were indeed some people preparing to hand out wine samples, but they kept talking to each other and ignoring everyone walking past them. After a few minutes, I gave up on waiting for them to distribute the samples, and went home for dinner.

Such was my day.

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