Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Plugging Holes

I went up to the main train station one Saturday afternoon, and the ash from the volcano was so heavy it turned the sky dark gray. I was surprised to see part of the sidewalk over the river blocked off by a crane and cement mixer. I'd thought there'd been an accident or something. When I got to an open area of the bridge, I could see what was going on.

The walkways on either side of the river have always had mysterious rectangular openings next to the walls. I've never been sure what they were intended for, but suspected they were planned to be decorative floral displays. I guess the city decided it was too much work to have the displays and that they present trip hazards to the joggers there. So, the city used sandbags to block up the openings in the walls and cement to fill in the ones in the sidewalks.

The crane was used to lower wheelbarrows filled with cement.

Edit: Those gray rectangular sheets are a clue. A few weeks later, the city had put in long rows of planters, filled with flowers. Not sure how they plan to maintain them all...

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