Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tax Fair

Saturday, the 15th, had four major events, but there was a fifth, so to speak, set up in Tenmonkan in the area in front of the 7-11. There were a number of hanging boards along the walkway, with art and advertising on them, but nothing really worth writing about. Sunday, I swung by Central Park to verify that the stage and stalls from the Anglo-Satsuma matsuri had been taken down, then dropped by the 7-11 to see if the stage there was being used yet.

And, actually, it was. The hanging boards were part of a kind of stamp rally, and two tables nearby were handing out cotton candy and some kind of grab bag. Also in attendance was a clown making balloon animals, and three foamheads. Two of the characters represent Kagoshima - Guree-buu and Sakura. The third might have been made for this event - Manabu- (which is a pun. "Manabu" means "to study", while "buu" is the sound pigs make in Japan. As a reminder, Guree-buu uses a similar pun, for "green" and "oink". Sakura just refers to cherry trees. Guree-buu and Sakura were both created about 4 years ago to promote a local program for putting flowers along the streets throughout the city.)

The event, though, was The Tax Festa, an educational program to help people do their taxes (which are due soon).

The event schedule included some music, and the presence of a local female radio host. I didn't recognize any of the names, so I didn't stick around for any of it.

Someone put up a big banner over the hanger boards. I can't read it, but it may have something to do with taxes. From here, I went up to the main Chuo train station again.

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