Thursday, December 25, 2014


Some months ago, one of the Japanese English newspapers (I think it was the Japan Times, or maybe the Asahi) had an article on the popularity of Fuchiko, a small figurine that is sold in capsule ball machines. Because Kagoshima has lots of these machines around Tenmonkan, and in the Daiei department store, I tried looking for them at the time. But, I turned up empty. Then last week, when I was standing in the east-side arcade in Tenmonkan, I noticed that one of the dispenser machines had the third Fuchiko series available. Most capsules are 200 yen now ($1.80 USD), making them expensive for such a small novelty item (Fuchiko herself is about 1.5" tall). However, I wanted to get one for the blog.

Fuchiko, by Kitan Club, is based on a character created by manga artist Katsuki Tanaka. Katsuki was born in 1966 in Osaka. He debuted while in university with "Osu! Tonko-chan". The Fuchiko character is supposed to be an OL (office lady, or general female office worker). The joke is that she's waiting for you to come back to the office, and she's gotten bored, so she starts playing around with the supplies on your desk. All of the figures can be positioned on your coffee cup.

According to the pamphlet, there are 6 designs, plus one possible "secret" version.

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