Monday, January 5, 2015

Carried Away

This is another of those "blink and you miss it" moments. I was walking through Tenmonkan to visit the Pokemon event in front of Lotteria, and I got to wondering about some speaker gear I'd seen the day before that had been set to one side a few buildings away (in the location where there'd been some kids doing hip hop two weeks earlier). I was hoping that a similar dance show might be scheduled for this week. As I got closer, though, 4 guys carrying a palanquin, and chanting "yoisho, yoisho" (1, 2, 1, 2) came up to the intersection, made a small loop, and then continued another short block before dropping their passenger off and heading away to find someone else to carry. The entire thing lasted maybe 2 minutes and then they were gone.

Because the ride is a bit bumpy, the passenger has to hold on to the cord to avoid bouncing out.

It may have been connected to the 400th anniversary of this section of the Tenmonkan shopping complex.
Happy Anniversary, Naya Street!

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