Monday, January 12, 2015

Dec. articles in the media

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from Dec., regarding anime, manga and related stuff.

Japan Times

Hit manga 'One Piece' to be adapted as kabuki

Mysterious 'Evangelion' short film released

Daily Yomiuri

Tezuka still celebrated in Tokyo's 'Astro Town'

Fictional genius inspires real doctors (Tezuka)

Tezuka’s vision of ‘anime as Esperanto’ becomes reality

'Yokai Watch' takes Japan by storm

Kabuki, anime similarities


J-World Tokyo's website in English, Chinese in bid to draw more tourists

Legendary writers Kazuo Koike, Stan Lee meet at L.A. comics expo

'Expelled from Paradise' turns to hand-drawn method for real-life feel

Big, better AnimeJapan slated for March

Captain of Space Battleship Yamato promotes Sendai icommuter card

'Yokai Watch'-themed train runs in Fukuoka, the franchise's birthplace

Exports of 'Cool Japan' anime, dramas jump 30%

Tottori Airport nicknamed after sand dunes, Detective Conan

Evolution of anime films

Universal Studios theme park to feature 'Cool Japan' characters

'Expelled from Paradise' making-of videos streamed on Youtube

Filmmaker captures essence of Tatsumi's 'gekiga' manga artistry

2nd half of 'Sailor Moon Crystal' series to feature 'Black Moon' saga

'Yokai Watch' characters 'hijack' JR Kumamoto Station

'Princess Kaguya,' 'Giovanni's Island' submitted for Oscar nomination

Filmmakers realize Japanese-American monk's dream

'Psycho-Pass' movie takes place on global scale

Tokyo museum puts on special 'Attack on Titan' exhibition

'One Piece' manga set for Kabuki stage in 2015

Detained manga artist denies work modeled on her vagina is obscene

After reaching milestone, sisters end record-setting 'Asari-chan' manga series

Manga access on free Wi-Fi hits ANA lounges at 14 airports nation-wide

Top talents lure throngs of comic enthusiasts to 3rd global manga fest in Tokyo

Kodansha to digitize all 22 comic magazines

'Doraemon' film tops 8 billion yen at Japanese box office

Final chapter of 'Patlabor' to be sequel to 1993 anime film

'Appleseed Alpha' to hit Japanese cinemas on Jan. 17

'Yokai' have kids, licensees dancing in the aisles

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