Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kyushu Travel Food

On the weekend of Jan. 10th, Tenmonkan hosted an event with a rather unwieldy name. In English, it comes out as "The festival for food products produced along the JR Orange train line". Tables in the space in front of the 7-11 gave away travel brochures to areas in Kumamoto, as well as selling sake, and fruits and vegetables from the area.

I had to work part of Saturday, so I missed the music being provided on the stage. When I came back during my break between 3 and 6:30, there was a foamhead show, where some of the mascots talked about the areas they're from. Pictured here are Kuma-chan, from Kumamoto, and Gree-bu, from Kagoshima. I went home, then returned to work, but by then the stage was being buttoned down for the night.

I'm not sure about the tiger, but I have seen him before, too.

One person's "bait" is another person's "delicious afternoon snack".

I mentioned Yuria before. She's a very energetic girl that demonstrates the use of the Yamaha Electone. I got to see her on Sunday, but again, the battery ran out on the little camera after only one song. She started out with a Disney medley, then switched to the closing theme from the Yokai Watch TV anime. She's accompanied by one of the local radio personalities. While his dancing looks really stupid, it is actually pretty dead-on with the anime dance. Keep in mind, all of the music is being generated by one person on just one instrument.

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