Friday, January 9, 2015

Lotteria Challenge, 2015

I've written about the big stack burgers at Lotteria before. At 500 yen ($4 USD) they're a good deal if you're just looking for bulk, are really hungry, and bring your own ketchup and fork. They're usually 1-day specials that only pop up every few months. Back in December, I was walking by the Lotteria in Tenmonkan on my way home from work and saw the sign promoting the next sales for the 10th and 20th of the month. Because it was already the 10th that day, and the restaurant was in the process of closing for the night, I figured that I'd come back on the 20th and be more prepared. Unfortunately, for some reason, when I did return on the 20th, there was no banner and no mention of the stacks. So I went back home again.

On Jan. 3rd, when I was looking at the Pokemon event in the plaza nearby, I noticed the "Lotteria Challenge" poster, which showed 2 cheese burger-style stacks, and saying that the promo had been running from Dec. 26th and would go to the 8th. Figuring that I should eat now and ask questions about why the poster hadn't been up anytime when I was there over the past week, I went inside and ordered the 3 patty cheese burger and a small coffee (total - 730 yen, including the 8% sales tax).(Note they did give me a fork this time.)

I think the "challenge" part is to get the restaurant to give you something that resembles the ads. The thing is tiny compared to the previous stacks, and the cheese provides no flavor whatsoever. (Mostly, it's just glue to hold the patties together.) There's a bit of hamburger taste that is almost completely masked by the overpowering flavor of black pepper. Even the coffee was suspect - there was a small ring of something red and powder-like on the inside of the cup where the top of the coffee sat for a few minutes while I was eating the burger. I don't know if that was instant coffee powder that hadn't completely dissolved when they made the cup, or if they're not really using coffee. I should learn my lesson and stop buying this stuff in the future...

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