Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow Day

Over the weekend, Yamakataya department store hosted a "little kids snow day" in the open area in front of the Lotteria in Tenmonkan. They had an ice blower set up to make a small mound for even smaller kids to sled on. Not a lot of participation, and at the time the ice was melting into a big block, so the staff spent the next 10-15 minutes resurfacing it.

As I was taking pictures, little kids walking by with their families would see some of the ice out on the walkway, and their faces would just light up as they ran to make snowballs with it. Kagoshima normally doesn't get enough snow for it to build up on the ground at all. On the other hand, the air temp is cold enough right now that the ice for the sled hill has taken several days to fully melt.

The machine looks like a repurposed wood chipper.

Notice the big blocks of ice in the background it uses as source material.

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