Friday, February 6, 2015

Kenmin Crafts, part 1

The International Volunteer Center has undergone some major changes in the last few months. The first floor had been set up so that the left half was a women's issues library and anti-domestic violence center, while the right half had TVs showing the BBC news and Chinese and Korean dramas, along with books and clothes from different countries. Part of the area also had tables used by school students for studying, and a small display area that occasionally presented local arts and crafts. All of that was pulled out to be replaced by the same study tables, just spread out farther apart. No idea why they made such a major remodel, but it's apparently served to chase out a lot of the students that used to hang out there, because the space is largely empty now. What I really dislike is that that's where the International Center used to have a jobs board. The main board is gone too, replaced by a little display card that just advertises nearby churches.

Anyway, the open space on the second floor is still being used for showing off crafts from some of the local schools, but they have to share with the adult arts and crafts stuff. Here, we have the adult stuff. But, the lighting isn't very good, and most of the area is kind of dark.

Origami displays based on the story of Princess Kaguya, who was born inside a bamboo shoot.

Yabusame is the Japanese style of mounted archery.

Origami ribbon fish!

More origami, with the Kumamoto City mascot ("kuma" = bear), Pikkachu and Anpanman. Plus some flowers.

Kiri-e. Looks like this may have been produced by a class of some kind, since several of the pictures are repeated. The pink flowers at the top left are similar to a pattern I've seen at the kiri-e events I've attended in the past. Might be from the same book of patterns. I like the 7 Happy Gods boat in the middle.

Unfortunately, this frame was wrapped in plastic, making for an ugly photo. But, I think the flower looks really nice. I'd consider making this one myself if I could locate the pattern.

Doraemon, Dorami, Anpanman and Hello Kitty crochet dolls.

Close-up of Dorami and Doraemon.

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