Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lunar New Year 2015 in Kagoshima

Kagoshima celebrated the Chinese new year over the weekend of Feb. 22 with a 2-day event in the open space in front of the Lotteria in Tenmonkan. I've been told it was sponsored by a tourism agency.

I was walking back from the conversation school at 3:00 on Saturday when I passed by the set up. The event itself wasn't scheduled to start until 3:30. The above booth is for a new Don Quixote (usually pronounced "donkey") store that is going to be opening up in Tenmonkan on Street Car Street pretty soon (if it isn't open already). The table displayed some of the goods from Donkey, and I'm pretty sure the clothes on the rack were available for rental for 500 yen.

At the time, the local girl idol group Seven Colors was in the middle of rehearsals.

Other shops included Shirahama shochu, and a few tables selling tea, soup and skewers of grilled beef. I had one skewer for 500 yen and it was REALLY good.

After the idol group finished, a taiko group set up and started playing. I  was recording it, and the camera battery died after 30 seconds. So I gave up, went home and plugged in the recharger before turning around and going back to the school for the next set of lessons at 5:30.

I brought the big camera with me. I think the difference in photo quality is kind of noticeable.
There were quite a few mascots this time.

If you look closely, you may find one of the mascots dressed as a gray-skinned alien.

Entrance to the event area. You can see one of the local mikoshi (portable shrines) just inside to the left.

A better view of the mikoshi.

Seven Colors were in the middle of their set. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time before my next lesson started, so I just grabbed a few shots and kept walking. My lessons finished at 7 PM, and by then the event was done for the day.

I returned on Sunday at a little after 2:15. One of the people assisting the mascots insisted on taking my photo with them.

Here we have Yoko. She was pretty good, but I didn't have a good angle for doing a recording. I'm told she's a local cover singer. I tried looking for her in a google search, but very few results came up.

The Shirahama shochu booth. I decided to get some kumquat cider for 1000 yen, and a glass of sakura shochu on the rocks for 300 yen. The sakura shochu was very good and I could feel the kick afterwards.

I like the manga-style advertising poster. The text reads "Your hometown is always new".

The battery in the little camera was fully charged, so I did record some video. Unfortunately, when Seven Colors were back up on stage, the audience space was pretty crowded. I positioned myself to the right of the stage, which turned out to be where one of the more exuberant older guys decided to do his interpretation of dancing and kept getting in front of my camera. Sigh.

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