Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mary Worth crossovers

Of all the strips that appear in the newspaper daily comics pages, one that I dislike most is Mary Worth, primarily because it's so preachy. I haven't read it in decades, and I often use it (and Marmaduke) as the "go-to" insult for people that don't appreciate strips like Wide Open, Kliban or Endtown. As in, "go back to Mary Worth, it's more your speed". I know I shouldn't, that I should be more accepting of other strips, but that's what I do.

Anyway, I was reading the comments section over on Kevin and Kell, and saw where Bill Holbrook mentioned having his character Dethany give Mary a goth makeover. I had to see that, so I went to the Mary Worth blog, and yes, there it was. Scrolling down a bit, I found another crossover strip from David Reddick (Intelligent Life, The Legend of Bill). Turns out the Mary Worth creators have a sense of humor.

Now, if only someone would put Mary in a climbing rig...

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