Sunday, February 1, 2015

Meet and Greet

Choutokkyuu (Bullet Train) was in Kagoshima on Feb. 1st. There was a stage set up in the plaza in front of Amupla, but I wasn't in the area until after 4 PM, so I don't know if the performers actually danced at all, or if they were just there to meet the fans. There were "no camera" signs all over the place, and the group members themselves were behind the stage wall to discourage photos. There was a line of about 300 girls and women snaking from the stage, along side the plaza and then across the front of the main entrance of the department store. On the stage, the line did a U-turn next to someone that I assume was either checking for tickets or stamping people's hands, before going behind the stage wall at the left. The girls had about 15 seconds to slap hands with the boys before exiting to the right.

(The rest of the line.)

Choutokkyuu is what's apparently being called an "anti-idol" group, but they're essentially an all-boy version of Momoiro Clover Z (which is managed by the same company, Stardust Records). The singers stand at the back, while the dancers prance at the front of the stage. Their first single was released in 2012, and their only album in 2014.

(The line of fans is on the left side of the stage wall, the boys are on the right.)

I have no idea if the fans had to pay money for this, but being able to squeal for 15 seconds in front of a couple boys? Priceless.

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